Central Campus - more than a dormitory

Central Campus is the first private dormitory in Bydgoszcz! We are proud to offer comfortable and modern living conditions for students from home and abroad. Our dormitory is located in a strategic location, close to universities and the city’s main transport hubs, making life with us exceptionally convenient.

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APARTASWe create unique places on Earth

CUSTOM FURNITUREWe create unique places on Earth

We are proud of our investments, which have gained popularity and recognition among residents and investors. Our projects, such as Port Jagodowo, Jagiellończyk in Toruń, or Jagiellońska 12 in Bydgoszcz, are proof that we are capable of executing ambitious visions.

We are constantly seeking new solutions and opportunities, thanks to cooperation with the best partners in the market, such as Inlok and Simple Group. This allows us to offer a wide range of services related to the real estate market, including professional rental management.

APARTAS25 years of innovation in residential construction

Apartas is a renowned developer with a rich, over twenty-year history in the real estate market. For years, it has been gaining recognition and popularity by carrying out investments that become the standard in the industry. The company focuses on quality and innovation, which is visible at every stage of project implementation – from the choice of location, through the quality of materials used, to the finishing details.

Projects such as Port Jagodowo in Bydgoszcz, Jagiellończyk in Toruń, and Jagiellońska 12, are excellent examples of the expertise and ambition of Apartas. Each of these investments enjoys considerable interest among both residents and investors, which serves as excellent confirmation of the quality and functionality of their solutions for Apartas.

AMENITIESParking Space

Windows, skylights, vents, and glass portions of doors helps.
An energy recovery ven­ti­la­tion system provides con­trolled.
Control solar heat loss and gains runway heading towards.
Ven­ti­la­tion and minimizes energy loss change manage inside.


Incor­po­rat­ing energy efficient measures into a build­ing’s heating.
An energy efficient building reduces maintenance and costs.


Improves durability, lessens noise, increases comfort and creates.

AMENITIESArmored Doors

The arrangement and layout of the apartment maximises natural light.

Contact For More Details

Contact For More Details

Live in Central Campus

Want to rent an apartment at Central Campus? Talk to our advisors. They will help you choose the best offer.

Piotr Kicior
+48 883 982 661
ul. Kazimierza Jagielończyka 6, 87-100 Toruń
Maciej Kujawski
+48 883 982 668
ul. Kazimierza Jagielończyka 6, 87-100 Toruń
Hanna Watta-Skrzydlewska
+48 883 214 861
Gdańska 160, 85-674 Bydgoszcz

    ul. Gdańska 160, 85-674 Bydgoszcz

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    The interiors of Central Campus are bright and spacious, combining functionality with modern design. Designed with the daily needs of residents in mind.